Flutter x Node Js Real time chat Application

Node js

Elevate Your Messaging Experience

Discover a world of connected communication with our feature-rich Flutter Real-Time Chat App.

Voice and Video Calls

Connect seamlessly through high-quality voice and video calls. Stay closer to your loved ones with face-to-face conversations.

Efficient MongoDB Integration

Experience lightning-fast data management with MongoDB, the most efficient database ever created. Your messages and information are in capable hands.

Empower with Node.js

Harness the power of Node.js to take control and expand your app's capabilities. Seamlessly integrate new features and scale according to your needs.

Explore Our Comprehensive Feature Set

Discover the diverse range of features that empower your communication experience.

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User is Typing

Stay engaged in real-time conversations with the "User is Typing" feature. Know when someone is crafting a response to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Online Presence

Never miss a beat with our "Online Presence" indicator. See at a glance who is currently active and available for a chat, making your communication even more efficient.

Send Voice Note & more

Add a personal touch to your conversations with the ability to send voice notes. Share your thoughts and emotions with ease.

Send Files

Easily share cropped files with precision. Select and send specific portions of images and documents to convey your message effectively.

Post Status

Share your thoughts, updates, and moments with friends using the ability to post status. Keep your connections informed and engaged.

Isar DB: Local Fast Storage

Experience the power of Isar DB for local fast storage. Retrieve and manage data seamlessly, ensuring a robust and efficient user experience.

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Elevate Your Conversations

Discover the limitless possibilities of our Real-Time Chat App. Engage in seamless conversations with features like Voice Notes, Video Calls, and User Presence. Connect and communicate like never before!

Seamless Video Calling

One-to-One Communication

Experience crystal-clear video calls for intimate one-to-one communication. Stay connected with your loved ones, no matter the distance.

Experience the Power of Messaging

Discover the joy of seamless communication. Try our app today and explore a world of connected conversations.